Energy Audit & Conditioning System

Energy Audits

MS offers energy audits; conducted by professional electrical engineers’ team (who have conducted audits on over 600 transformers across GCC and in Pakistan); utilizing industry’s trustworthy audit equipment/energy analyzer such as “Fluke 435” to generate authentic reports; identifying prevailing Pf (Power factor), existing harmonics, etc.

Energy Conditioning System

In association with our Turkish Partners – ES and being their “Exclusive Agent in Pakistan;” MS is able to provide a solution for the industries to mitigate harmonics, enhance the Pf – closest to the unity and do 3-phase balancing; which is in result offers not to take care of the mentioned issues but also offers a decent savings in electricity – by ensuring improvement in quality of the electricity.

ECS is designed with the aim of decreasing annual electricity bills of the facilities, considering the increasing cost of energy and the environmental damage of electricity production. ECS effectively and economically provides savings (depending upon power quality issues), through reductions in Demand (KW/KVA) & Energy Consumption (KWH), and overall savings up to 10%! It is available for load sizes ranging from 100KW on wards & at voltages from 208V on wards.

Key Features:
  • Voltage stabilization can be produced in a very wide input voltage interval for places where grid voltage drop or rises excessively, evaluates grid
  • voltage, decreases, and increases in 0.02 sec; when the main grid voltage drops -60% or rise +40% and corrects with 500V/sec speed.
  • Three-phase balancing and reduction of current based on X/R and Z.
  • Protection against surges and transients.
  • Mitigation of harmonics using active filter within the range of IEEE standard (ITHD<10% and VTHD<3%)
  • Power factor improvement to a nominal 95-100% without distortion and damaging effects of Capacitor using thyristors technology.
  • Reduction of all type of losses while minimizing all of three powers KVA, KW and KVAR in a balanced form. Hence, allowing load expansion without increasing the size of transformers, switchgear and cables etc.
  • ECS provides up to 10% energy savings through power quality enhancement, for any three-phase industrial and commercial facilities, regardless of size, voltage, or frequency. ECS can be installed for the entire facility (existing and/or new), as well as individual load, linear and/or non-linear, in the hybrid configuration.
  • ECS is all in one solution for all of the power quality problems with a parts repair/ replacement warranty of one year.